Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Informative Tips from our Chiropractor

Brought to you by Dr. Sandy Sajko – Chiropractic Sports Specialist

Info to consider

  • RSI (repetitive strain injury) occurs frequently from repetitive movements utilizing the same muscle over and over again without any periods of rest
  • These types of injuries affect the muscles, nerves, soft tissues, tendons and even bone in some cases
  • What happens with this injury is that there is a build up of lactic acid and other toxins in the muscle or muscles and, as a result, oxygen cannot get into the muscles so they start to break down. Scar tissue starts to form. This prevents the muscle from acting in its normal fashion. This is RSI

Some early warning signs to note:

  • Early fatigue (something that takes 10 minutes might take 15 or 20) and the muscles will be sore and stiff well before that time
  • There can be some numbness, tingling or even burning in the affected muscle or in that area.
  • There’s a decrease in endurance and muscle strength
  • The muscle can feel wirey or hard upon touch

Common Preventions for RSI

  • Frequent breaks anywhere from every 30-60 minutes
  • Taking frequent stretch breaks and maintaining good posture throughout the day can help
  • Individuals at a desk job or answering phones may want to get up from the desk, take a walk and slowly stretch out the legs and the arms to prevent RSI
  • Pay attention to the early warning signs and don’t avoid them if they are there for you.

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