How To Listen More Effectively for Improved Relationships

Brought to you by Lynda Stockwell – M.S.W./R.S.W

One of the most common complaints of couple therapy is that one person doesn’t feel listened to. Whether you are in an intimate relationship or a business relationship with a colleague, effective listening is a key to productive and positive relationships…..

Some tips to be a better listener:
* Make sure you give your full attention to the other person (please do not listen to the TV or watch your computer screen)
* Try to make eye contact
* Keep an open mind- allow the other person to complete their thought before you respond
* Don’t impose solutions; most people don’t want to be told what they should be doing – they just want to be heard
* Paraphrase what was said to you so that they know that you heard them
* Ask any questions that you need to ask so that you are clear
* Pay attention to your non-verbal feedback; it is important to nod in order to show that you are encouraging the other person to talk more and to show them that you understand what they are saying
* The tone of their voice or their body language is also an important part of their message

Remember – don’t discount or minimize what the other person has shared when you respond, even if you disagree. The goal is for the other person to walk away feeling heard.

Important Considerations of any type of therapeutic advice
This advice is general and should be viewed with the intent that this will not support every case. Lynda advises based on a general experience. If you are in this situation you may want to see your Doctor or health care provider. This advice is something that you may help to support you in your effor

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