Steady Mind Videos






  1. Alternate Nostril Breathing for improved concentration and focus – great for balancing the mind, reducing distractions and improving a sense of calm when anxious
  2. Seated Forward fold for releasing tension in the body and the mind– This stretch will lengthen the spine to help stimulate it and it will reduce tension in your mind!
  3. Do you have depression or are you just in a slump?  – Advice from a family therapist on the symptoms of depression
  4. Tension Headache Advice and Remedy Stretches – Get some great information and therapies from Dr. Sajko, a Chiropractic Sports Specialist
  5. Help me to deal with an ANGRY person – Get some great advice from Carolyn Burke.  She is an individual and group therapist who will give you some great tips on how to handle this issue.
  6. Dealing with an anxiety/panic attack as it happens – Get the know how from our individual/family therapist as she talks about what to do when an anxiety or panic attack sneaks up on you!  These are great strategies to know.
  7. Courage to try something you have been wanting to do…. Carolyn Burke, our individual and couple therapist will talk to you about making a change that you want to do but are finding yourself apprehensive to start.  See what Carolyn has to say….
  8. Parenting Teens – Communication 101 – Lynda Stockwell, a family and group therapist gives us advice on parenting teens.
  9. How To Listen More Effectively for Improved Relationships – get some great advice from our personal and couple therapist, Lynda Stockwell.

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