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  1. Wake Me Up Arm Stretch and Energizer – great for when you feel tired, sluggish or tension in the shoulder area
  2. Elbow Wing Energizing Stretch – great for opening the upper body, stretching, energizing and also stimulating the lymph system
  3. The Amazing Doorwell Stretch for Shoulders, Back, Posture and Energy Boosting! – this little stretch is quick, effective and helps with many factors in your body, as well as a mind booster for energy!
  4. Ergonomics of Sitting in front of your computer – This advice comes from our physiotherapist, Christina Foch.  Great tips for reducing strain!
  5. Seated Forward fold for releasing tension in the body and the mind – This stretch will lengthen the spine to help stimulate it and it will reduce tension in your mind!
  6. Seated Shoulder and Spine Stretch – Great for those people who have to have their arms forward a lot at a computer or driving.  It’s also great for lengthening and stretching a spine that has been immobile for a while…. check it out!
  7. Tension Headache Advice and Remedy Stretches – Get some great information and therapies from Dr. Sajko, a Chiropractic Sports Specialist
  8. Quick and Simple Feel Good Routine to Stretch out or to Prepare for an Activity – this mini sequence is a great interrupter for a body that has been doing ‘nothing’ for a while.  It’s also a great preparation for activities such as gardening, shoveling snow, golfing or getting ready for a night of dancing!
  9. Clock Stretch for Computer Users, Golfers, Gardeners and Hand Held Device Junkies – this stretch is for the wrist and carpal area.  It stretches the carpal, the hand, the forearm and it feels great.  Try it whether you type a lot or not!  It’s great to balance the action of the wrist area.  Enjoy!
  10. Prayer Stretch for wrists, forearms, shoulders and back – try this simple stretch to balance muscle strain in the carpal, shoulder and arm area.
  11. Physiotherapist Advice for dealing with Neck and Shoulder Tension – this segment talks about chin poking and it’s association to tension build up in the neck and shoulder area.
  12. Seated Side Stretch – Did you know that side stretching is what you do the ‘least’ of naturally throughout the course of the day…Of course it makes sense but we just don’t think about it.  The benefits are tremendous.  Try it now!
  13. Knee Pain Advice and Stretches from our Chiropractic Sports Specialist – learn about knee pain as well as two stretches you can do, compliments of Dr. Sandy Sajko
  14. Knee and Quadracep strengthening seated stretch – recommended by Christina Foch – physiotherapist.  If you sit a lot, please try this stretch for your legs.  It also increases blood flow to the legs!
  15. Physiotherapy Advice on Back Pain and the Relationship to Slouching – Listen to Christina Foch explain and show you the negative affects of slouching for posture and back pain.
  16. Hip Flexor Stretch which is Great for people who have been sitting a lot – this stretch helps to lengthen the muscles at the front of the hips where your legs meet your trunk.  If you sit a lot, this muscle area shortens so….you need to lengthen it back out!  Check it out
  17. RSI Information and Tips – this brief video is brought to you by Chiropractic Sports Specialist, Dr. Sandy Sajko.  He gives an overview and what Repetitive Strain Injuries are and how they affect you.
  18. Golfers Elbow Stretch to prevent and reduce RSI Injury – this great stretch will help those who golf or play racquet sports.  Give it a try!
  19. Lower Back Pain Stretches and Advice – once again, we have advice from a chiropractor about lower back pain, and a couple of stretches to help reduce strain and prevent it!
  20. Knee to Chest Stretch for Tight Hips and Back – This seated stretch will stimulate your spine, stretch your lower back and hips, help circulate fresh lymph in your body and massage your internal organs!  Wow!
  21. Neck Stress Dissolver – This stretch is recommended by our Physiotherapist to help reduce tension in the neck and shoulder area as well as improve balance in the neck muscles if you tilt your head during the day
  22. Sitting Keyhole Stretch for Hips, Lower Back and Leg Energy – try this stretch to help open up the hip area and stimulate external rotation (important if you sit a lot!)
  23. Knee Strengthener and Leg Energizer Stretch – whether you are rehabbing a weak knee or just need to balance out a leg that is bent a lot during the day (from sitting), this strengthener stretch will feel amazing!  Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

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