Alternate Nostril Breathing for Calming and Focusing the Mind

Try this clip for improving your focus and concentration and feeling centred



  • Amazing to help balance you when you feel out of sorts
  • To help you focus and concentrate
  • Great for preparing for stressful meetings
  • Preparing for presentation of any kind
  • Before you engage in any uncomfortable discussion
  • Any situation that requires focus, concentration and calm



  • Sinus Problems
  • Cold

Key Points


  • Breathe through nose
  • Each cycle is one complete breath
  • Change sides on the exhale
  • Gaze is soft or eyes are closed



  • From standing or sitting, soften down and lengthen up from the waist
  • Bring awareness to nostril breathing
  • Make gentle fists with hands and extend index finger on both hands (pointer)
  • Starting on the right side, bring the right finger up to the
    right nostril and gently cover the nostril (without force) so that the
    breath is working thorugh the left side. Strat with 2 complete breaths
    to get into the pattern.
  • After the second complete inhale, change to the left side,
    covering the left nostril with the left index finger and exhale out of
    the right nostril. Inhale through the right nostril and then change
    sides to exhale out the left nostril.
  • Repeat this cycle for a minimum of one minute working
    towards slowing the compete breath down to 4 breaths per minute (15
    second complete breaths)
  • To advance – use one hand or whatever feels comfortable to alternate sides.
  • Practice this breath any time you want to calm down, focus, balance yourself or concentrate better





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