Steady Mind

Steady Mind

Whatever happens in your mind is transcended to your body in the form of tension, happiness, relaxation, aggression, anxiety and so on.  There are many studies and experts who currently teach the ‘mindfulness’ relationship of the body and thoughts.   For every emotional and intellectual pattern, there is also an associated breathing pattern. How you think affects how you breathe. It also affects the level of stress on your physical body, whether it is chemical stress of hormones or muscle stress from tension. This is the basis for ‘dis-ease’ in the body. It’s all related. The mind works in patterns and this is great news for us. Because of this information, we can create patterns that work for us instead of against us!

Attaining a steady mind is only one of the three components to achieving a stress-management, happy and healthy life. Learn briefly about the other components, which are all interconnected:

Balanced Body

Intelligent Breath

The Link between them all

You have the opportunity to learn, in depth, the knowledge and application of achieving the balance between the body, mind and breath.

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