The WD Philosophy

The Balanced Body, The Steady Mind & The Intelligent Breath

What if you could navigate your way out of stress sensations, anytime…. anywhere?  Once you learn the foundations of Balanced Body, Steady Mind and Intelligent Breath, you will be ‘well’ on your way…


Did you know that the way you breathe influences and implicates all other systems in the body – especially the nervous system (“NERVOUS”….)?  There is a scientific, anatomical relationship that cannot be denied. Every state of mind that you have, has a physic

al and breath related pattern associated with it.  Every physical state that you enter into has a related respiratory pattern.  These relationships are interdependent 100% of the time.  The brain is your ‘hard drive’ that is at the centre of it all.  Believe it or not, your ‘hard drive’ is directly influenced by your your thoughts, your breathing and your physical level of tension.  It reacts accordingly.  Your accidental poor breathing pattern may be telling your brain, incorrectly, that there is danger!  This, in itself, can be creating accidental mental as well as physical ‘wealth’ deficits, such as anxiety attacks for no reason!  Your individual patterns (that you may be unaware of) can make or break your mental, emotional and physical ‘wealth’.  Once you understand this baseline information and application you will have the key to driving your systems, ins tead of your systems driving you!


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