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Welcome to the Wellness Direct Website!

Do you feel stress levels building up in your body or your mind?

Do you wish you felt more centred and balanced with your physical and mental ‘wealth’?

Are you unhappy with your patterns of thoughts, emotions or physical discomforts?

Would you like to learn ‘internal’ tools that will help you to improve your life, feel happier, and think/behave healthier?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, Wellness Direct can help you understand how the most important components of your health – your body, mind and breath – affect your health.

With your gained understanding, Wellness Direct will also teach you how you can apply that knowledge to become an expert at navigating the improvements in your life!

Any time, any where, any amount of time that fits your schedule


Because ‘To know and to not do, is to not yet know’ Zen Wisdom. What does that mean? It means that once you have knowledge and understanding of how your internal systems fuel your discomfort or pacify it, you will have the controls to take back your health factors in your life.

How do we deliver it?

Three ways.

1) On-site / My Place

  • Personalized Yoga Classes and Workshops.
  • Private or Custom Group Sessions for yourself or a group of your choice.

2) Off-site / Your Place

  • Customized presentations to groups of any size
  • Short or all-day workshops / events
  • Yoga classes for your group (work/friend/community)
  • One-On-One sessions for those with anxiety and stress
  • One-On-One private yoga practices personalized for you

3) Connect Online

  • ‘Well’ on your way video clips to keep you tuned up and ready for anything
  • Facebook
  • Skype with Karen Duffy


How long does it take?

  • Follow Wellness Direct Videos – One minute to two minutes any time you like
  • My Place / Studio – boutique or private yoga classes go from 60 to 75 minutes in length. Workshops are customized to have a theory and application segment – their length is based on the topic
  • Off-site / Your Workplace – Short/Half or Full-Day/Weekly/Monthly – Customizable to your needs

What’s the benefit?

Knowledge is power – application of that knowledge is the key. Once you learn the relationships and patterns of your body, mind and breath you will be able to navigate yourself to have an immediate result of feeling better, based on the application you use. We don’t pretend that we will change your whole life but we do guarantee that you will learn applications and tools to offset stress, whether it is mental, physical or a combination of both.

At Wellness Direct, our Mission is to reduce the negative side effects of stress by delivering proactive H.I.P. (Health Improvement Performance) strategies that provide instant benefits, are easy to access and are time sensitive.

Learn about Karen Duffy by visiting her ‘About Karen Duffy’ page

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