Who Am I?

ERYT200 – RYT500

Speaker, Teacher, Student, Client….

“We all go through periods of upheaval, depression, difficulty and struggles.  It’s normal to not feel normal some of the time in life.”
I am a motivational speaker, workshop leader, continuous improvement expert as well as an educator in health management through body, mind and breath intelligence.  My original educational background is in the sciences and process improvement management.  A corporate Continuous Improvement Manager for many years,  my early career involved workshop development, delivery of training, executive training and interacting with all levels within the organizations I worked with.  As a result of a mental health injury, I searched for answers in parallel to my career in the corporate sector, to help me cope with unexplained anxiety attacks.  Yoga was introduced in 2002, after a car accident.  The healing effects instantly became a source of passion because of the immediate results on my musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  The paradigm shifting power of the science of yoga theory impassioned me to change my career to become a student and, ultimately, a teacher of yoga therapy.  I have spent almost 15 years studying with the world masters of yoga therapy to become an advanced yoga teacher, practitioner and speaker on the subject of body, mind and breath intelligence as it pertains to physical, mental and emotional health.
Through my public speaking, workshop sessions, private consultations, ‘à la carte’ yoga classes as well as video tutorials, I help my clients to understand the relationship between their breath, body and mind as it pertains to their mental and physical state. Knowledge is power on this topic.  Let the science of anatomy, mindfulness and application be the proof needed to acknowledge this powerful relationship which exists for all of us.  As a result of working with me, clients are able to cultivate an improved mental,  physical and emotional balance, using the tools that I teach and use myself in my daily life.
On a personal note, it all began when life got in the way.  I have always struggled with life on lifes terms.  At a young age I found poor solutions in drugs and alcohol.  I later suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.  These life choices took me to places that landed me in rehab.  The bottom line is, I have had times of stress in my life that I didn’t know how to handle.  The end result was that it handled me. Whether it was with my use of drugs, my difficulty with authority or my lack of confidence disguised as beligerance, I’ve experienced a significant amount of living on lifes terms – against my will.
During my quest for solutions to reduce anxiety attacks in the corporate boardrooms, I discovered that simple yoga techniques gave me an essence of peace that I had never experienced before.  This became the beacon of hope and light that drove me to learn as much as I could to help myself live a more balanced, stable existence.  Why did I feel better?  I had to know the reasons behind the feelings.  My focus shifted from corporate process improvement to health process improvement.  Since 2002, I have studied with the most senior teachers around the world.  I have consolidated these learnings and now teach simple solutions to help achieve a balanced body and steady mind.  We all have stress.  Learning what I now know about how the breath influences every state of our nervous system, about how the physical alignment of all our systems aid in keeping us physically balanced and how the mind is constantly affected by our own self indulgent negative thinking, has changed my life forever.  My commitment is to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.  I hope to provide baseline knowledge to the youngest of young people who can foster this into their futures.  I also want to teach it to people of all ages so that together we can weave better health practices into our every day lives.  The goal is to provide simple, effective, easy to use strategies that take up very little time but offer a fabulous result – every time!


Learn the interrelationship between the balanced body, steady mind and intelligent breath

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