Knee Pain Advice and Stretches brought to you by a Chiropractic Sports Specialist

Brought to you by Dr. Sandy Sajko – Chiropractic Sports Specialist

Info to consider

  • Often in this kind of pain, the knee is the ‘victim’ whereas the culprit becomes the ankles or the hips; more specifically poor mechanics in the ankle or hip can affect the knee, the knee tracking and cause symptomatic pain
  • Poor lower limb mechanics, tight muscles, lack of endurance and strength can all lead to knee pain

The One Legged Squat to strengthen the knee


  • Helps to strengthen the hips, buttocks, thigh, knee and whole leg
  • Builds overall endurance as well as helping with balance
  • Stimulates the heart
  • The great thing about this exercise is that it works both the hips, the knees and the ankles in conjunction and rehabs all three areas


  • If there is any pain, please see your doctor and get it checked out. Sometimes hip, ankle, knee and/or joint pain can be aggravated with this exercise but if done properly, it should feel good to most people out there. Remember – don’t do it if it causes you more pain. Get medical attention as soon as you can.

Key Points

  • Maintain a neutral posture (straight back)
  • As you’re squatting down the knee of the squatting leg falls over the big toe (so in other words, sit back in your squat instead of forward)
  • Straightened leg that is off floor should be as close to straight as possible (flex this foot for added challenge)


  • If you are going to work the right knee, bring the left leg forward and lift it off the ground forward slightly
  • Maintaining a neutral back, slowly squat down and as you travel down focus on bringing the right knee over the right big toe
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds while you continue to breathe deeply
  • Come back up from squat, change sides and repeat
  • Repeat as often as needed. Every hour is always great if you have time.

Standing Quad Stretch


  • Because the quad is attached to the hip and the knee, keeping this muscle lengthened will aid in reducing knee pain caused by the hip connection
  • Works the thigh muscles, improving endurance and strength in them
  • Works into the deep buttocks muscles helping to keep them strong and lengthened as well


  • If you are suffering from an injury that has not been seen by a professional, please get it checked first. If there is any pain when you do this exercise please stop right away.

Key Points:

  • Use an object that is knee height to do this
  • Push pelvis a little forward with hips pointing forward so as to get into the one muscle that travels from the hip to the knee.
  • Turn your body away from the ledge so that you are placing your foot on it and facing the opposite direction
  • When squatting make sure to keep the back in neutral


  • Find a chair, couch, ledge or any surface that is about knee height and is appropriate to use
  • Turn your body so the ledge is behind you
  • Lift the right foot so that the top of it is placed comfortably on the surface
  • Push the pelvis a little forward and begin to bend the left leg until there is a resistance in the right thigh and you can feel the muscle lengthening.
  • Hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds before straightening out the left leg.
  • Repeat on opposite side
  • Do exercise as often as you like but more so if you are having knee strain and this helps.

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