Chest Opener, Shoulder and Spine Stretch Energizer

Open Your Chest, Wake up Your Spine and Stretch your Shoulders

Key Benefits


  • Releases tension in the back caused by slouching and ‘slumping’ into the low back
  • Stimulates spine and brings fresh blood flow to upper extremities of the body
  • Stimulates nervous system
  • Opens front body, stretching the ribs, lungs, heart and abdomen
  • Helps to balance the effect of having shoulders slouched forward by opening them in the opposite direction
  • Stimulates lymph system
  • Massages and stimulates internal organs providing improved blood flow and fresh oxygen
  • Can help to relieve neck and shoulder tension caused by slouching forward



  • Caution for any lower back problems
  • Not recommended if there is abdominal or lower back injury
  • If dizziness occurs, stop and consult physician; you may have a blood pressure issue
  • Not advised to do after just eating or on a full stomach
  • During pregnancy consult physician for permission

Key Points


  • Root down from waist and soften gaze
  • Sit comfortably on front of chair allowing room for movement
  • Legs are bent on a 90 degree angle – ankles are lined up under knees
  • Do not have knees forward from ankles as this will put stress on knee area and could cause loss of balance
  • Draw shoulders back and down towards lower back while opening the front body into a deep stretch forward
  • Keep head and neck neutral
  • Breathe into front to stimulate lungs, heart, organs and shoulders
  • Extend the breath count and increase the stretch distance each round if it feels good
  • Counter pose it on the exhale by tucking the pelvis slightly and softly scooping out the belly



  • Bring yourself to the front of your chair so that you
    have lots of room to stretch into an arch forward with your upper body
    and room to reach behind you
  • Bring awareness to nostril breathing
  • Allow yourself to lengthen up from the waist on the
    inhale. You should feel this expansion happening on all inhales. This is
    subtle but present
  • Make sure your feet are lined up under your knees
  • With each exhale, allow yourself to root down into your seat and soften any holding in your face, jaw and neck
  • Bringing your hands behind your back, either hold onto the back of the chair or hold hands with yourself if possible
  • On an inhale, draw the shoulder blades towards each
    other and away from the ears while arching the back slightly so the
    chest is coming forward and the abdomen is lengthening in the front body
  • The head and neck remain neutral. Make sure the chin is parallel to the floor
  • On the exhale, release the hands and gently ‘scoop’ out the front as you slightly pelvic tilt to counter the ‘arch’ position
  • On each inhale, reach behind and try to expand the
    front stretch a little further and breathe for a longer count on the
    inhale and exhale. Reach the arms further down and further away from the
    back for a deeper stretch
  • Once you have completed a few rounds, come back to
    neutral position, take a deep breath and feel the increased vitality in
    the body

Consider This

The thymus gland is located behind the sternum in the upper
chest. This gland is responsible for creating ‘T’ cells which aid in
fighting off illness. When we stretch our upper body forward, we are
stimulating this gland helping to produce ‘T’ cells for our health. Did
you know that a baby’s thymus is about the size of a small fist and as
we grow up the thymus shrinks. This may be part of the reason that we
cannot fight off illnesses as easily when we are older. Something to
think about…. Stretch that thymus and stimulate energy at the same



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